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choose to foster. what's in itfor me? your questions are important


Thinking about Fostering?
every worthwhile decision needs alot of consideration, we can help...

Lets start from the beginning, children who cannot be looked after by their own parents, for whatever reason need a safe, secure environment, overseen by trained and qualified individuals who will act as temporary 'parents' or Foster Parents. This gives the child the best start possible giving them a safe place to live, a family and support.

The local Authority still has overall responsibility, but as a Foster Carer you willl be supporting the local Authority Care system, as well as helping some fantastic little individuals to progress by giving them a stable home life and a chance to make friends and do all the things that kids should be doing!

Even though you need to go through a training process to become a Foster parent, the initial criteria are actually very simple, you need at least one spare room, over 21, have a caring nature and will put a foster child's needs first.

What Can you Earn from Fostering?

You can earn money from being a Foster Parent, on average it could be between £20,000 and £40,000 per year, obviously this will be dependent on local authority etc.

The point is, you can make a real difference to a child's life, imagine giving the best start possible to the next generation, who knows when they grow up they might want to Foster too!

choose to foster. what can you earn from fostering?

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