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Support to Foster
We can give you a head start on the road for Fostering...

As a Foster Carer youa re reviewed every year and will receive any training that you need so that you may continue, it's a process of constant assesment, so you will never be 'in at the deep end!'
You will also be allocated a supervising social worker to give you any advice ongoing that you may need,

The Children's Workforce Development Council has published training, support and development standards for Foster Carers, this should help and support you through the first couple of years of fostering.
The CWDC publishes a guide for you, which you can download from their web site:

Fosterline is a FREE telephone number run by the Fostering network, it can also help further with any information you may need you can contact Fosterline on: 0800 040 7675.

Foster Caring is also Tax FREE, this is dependent on how may Foster carers are in your home, also how many children you may look afterand whether it is a full or partial tax year.

Help is at hand to Foster Carers

As well as a wealth of organisations that you can contact for advice and support you can view the Governments' Fostering help portal at

So if you are still thinking, then why not contact us for the next step, or get in touch with your local Authority for more details?

support to foster. help is at hand to foster carers

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