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Information to Foster
To make an informed decision, you will need all the facts....

Choosing to Foster is a step to providing a child or children with asafe and secure home, so that they can enjoy their childhood without having to worry about grown-up stuff.

You will need to carefully consider the welfare of anny Foster Child being placed with you, even down to giving the child their own space in your home, like their own bedroom, and place for their precious things.

If you own cats or dogs or other pets, an assessment can be made of your home by a health and safety representative to see whether this may pose a risk to the child, like an allergy or similar, also don't forget some children are also afraid of animals.

Consider that some children may have brothers or sisters too, it's better all round if they can be placed together as these children have a very strong bond with each other.

You may find that some children only stay with you for a short period of time, this is because, either they can be placed back with their parents, or some may move onto permanent adoption, Fostering is a great way of keeping these children in a family home until their situation changes.

You will need training and help along the way, as some children may have been identified with needs, or you may spot something yourself, we can help you to find accredited training companies who can in many cases give you on-the-job training.

If you are already a Foster parent, and move to a new area, you can register with a new authority and continue where you left off.

We call it Agency transfer. After all if you are a trained Foster Carer and wish to continue Fostering, just get in touch!

information to foster

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