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Faith & Religion
Putting the Child's needs first & tackling any mis-conceptions on faith...

There are many different faiths and cultures in our society, sometimes it may be unclear to you your how Fostering fits into your ethnic or religious beliefs, there is plenty of help and advice available if you are not sure, such as the Muslim Fostering Society, the Catholic Caring Service and more.

It is important to respect a childs ethnicity, and it is a fact that black, Asian or mixed race children may have to wait longer to be placed into long term or permanent Fostering, so if you are considering Fostering a child that is Muslim or Sikh, then you will need to ensure that you are able to uphold that child's religious or cultural heritage.

Children of different faiths and religions need to have a good understanding as they grow, so that when they are old enough they can make an informed religious choice of their own!

Putting Children First.

As a Foster Carer, a child's faith or religioun is paramount to their identity, sometimes youmay need to put their religious beliefs or learnings above your own to give them the best start!

You will need to be patient and listen to the childs needs and respect their views too.

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